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LEE ND NATURAL MEDICINE Sherin Lee ND, CNC, CNHP Traditional Naturopath


Introduction: The Mental and Emotional Connection

I believe that in the achievement of good health, it is necessary to Nourish, Balance and Cleanse the major systems of the body. Equally important is the strengthening of the nervous system. In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the focusing of MENTAL ENERGY PRECEDES a focusing of PHYSICAL ENERGY. I sincerely believe this, because of personal experience in my recovery from a diagnosis of permanent brain damage. More precisely, I had learned that a powerful mind led to a powerful body. 

Mind development also leads to greater powers of focus and concentration, with a profound effect on pain relief and general discomfort throughout the body. More importantly, it has been found to have an increase in confidence, which leads to greater optimism. Additional effects include improved sleep and an increased capacity to handle stress. If one’s brain is relaxed and happy due to the enjoyment of balanced brain chemistry, it can affect the relief of unhealthy addictive cravings—whether they be food, drugs (legal and illegal) or destructive personal habits.

Each person’s body is capable of experiencing a slightly different reaction; some may respond immediately where others may take a period of time. Letting the body make improvements naturally at its own pace, as opposed to the force which results from the use of drugs or medicinal herbs, lessens the incidence of becoming anxious or stressed, thereby slowing the recovery process.
We are experiencing an epidemic of emotional, mental, and behavioral illness. The solution to behavioral problems, in my opinion, is quite simple: Foremost, I believe there is an urgency to encourage the world to eat more nutritiously and that an effort be made to supply the knowledge of what is destructive…as well as what is absolutely necessary for proper brain function—this, dear friends, is my Mission Statement.

Poor eating habits, such as high caloric and low nutritional value foods, in itself, is not a behavioral problem, however, that does create a vicious cycle: Poor eating makes people MORE inclined to eat poorly. In my belief, this results in atrophy of the taste buds. The body then requires foods containing higher amounts of fats and sugars for stimulation and energy production. When the body is properly nourished there is a natural source of energy and well-being from within.

A similar pattern is being followed by the use of pharmaceutical drugs when we experience a health crisis. The use of pharmaceuticals substitutes for what the body is not capable of doing on its own. This introduction of an outside element is meant to treat the symptom(s).

Eating disorders are treated on an emotional level (among other approaches) through counseling. However, research done on rats has proven that when the mineral zinc was removed from their diet, they then developed poor appetites. It has also been discovered that zinc plays a key role in taste and smell. Another factor relating to a lack of appetite is a lack of folic acid, which also can lead to depression and paranoia. Do not be deceived by this information, however, because there are even more vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can cause the same or similar problems, thereby causing confusion.

Weakened colon cleansing, such as impaired elimination, can result from a sluggish liver and is linked to various health issues:

  • Bad breath
  • Heart problems – Irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • Brain Fog
  • Constipation/Diarrhea
  • Heavy yeast growth
  • False heart attack
  • Hepatitis
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion
  • Fluid retention
  • Migraine headaches
  • Excess ammonia
  • Skin problems – Rashes, acne
  • Headaches
  • Weakened immunity

Toxins accumulate in the liver and must be excreted via the kidneys and the colon. Most important, in my opinion, is that what affects the brain most certainly affects the heart. I have seen people who are experiencing an emotional “heart sickness“. If you’re feeling sad, let yourself feel it, but do not dwell upon it. Just be sad, and cry if you can. Crying is the best way to alleviate the heartbreak that can lead to heart issues. 



  • Digestion (Assimilation – Elimination)
  • Respiratory (Lungs)
  • Endocrine (Glandular – Hormonal)
  • Immunity (Lymphatic)
  • Circulatory (Blood – Urinary)

Digestion (Assimilation – Elimination)

The process of Digestion interacts with many organs on a crucial basis. Strengthening digestion allows improvements to multiple symptoms such as belching, excessive fatigue, acid reflux disease, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, skin disorders—even sugar cravings!

An irritated valve has become quite a commonplace which leads me to believe that all valve problems have pretty much the same cause and correction. Symptoms include abdominal pain, anorexia, bloating, constipation or diarrhea alternately, flatulence, intolerance to certain foods, mucus in the stool, hemorrhoids, and nausea. This may be accompanied by severe headaches and vomiting. I believe the body is sending us messages of its irritation. This requires us to take the action of ridding the body of the accumulated toxic waste and poisons. Once again I will repeat that substitution is the covering-up of these symptoms—in which case they will never leave while continuing to worsen. The unfortunate part of this scenario is that the symptom may change, which can fool us into believing we have rid ourselves of that symptom while it has simply changed its appearance.

Respiratory (Lungs)

According to Chinese philosophy, the quality of our breathing is vital to every cell of the body. Whatever impedes breathing disrupts the “chi”, which is the energy that flows through the entire body. The purpose of mucus—the thick, slimy substance secreted by these membranes—is to moisten and protect the body. (Other names for mucus are “phlegm”, “slime”, “spit”, “snot”, or “expectorant”.) Mucus can become extremely troublesome if it accumulates and is not eliminated in a consistent and efficient manner. Think of a simple illustration such as a person having a common cold. I believe his or her cleansing systems are strong enough to break down and eliminate the excess accumulation of waste. Have you ever noticed the degree of mucus and phlegm that passes out from the body during a cold or the flu? It may come out through the nose, the throat, or even the stool. This is how the vital organs such as the kidneys, bladder and lungs are eliminating poisons and accumulated mucus. When the membrane becomes imbalanced it can overwhelm the body, particularly by reducing the supply of oxygen to the cells or even drowning the body in its own mucus.

This was the manner in which my father died. In the hospital, a suction device was unable to keep up with the amount of mucus being produced by the membranes; thus his breath left him and he drowned.

Endocrine (Glandular – Hormonal)

It has been researched and proven that the majority of people seeking medical treatment today are doing so due to stress. The term “stress” is often misunderstood, and actually refers to a physical, mental, social or emotional stimulus that requires a response or alteration to the way we perform, think, and even feel. Change is stressful whether it be good or bad. The increased production of adrenal hormones is responsible for most of the symptoms associated with stress. The nervous system is usually effected first, especially through the digestive system. I find it very interesting to note that stress triggers the release of cortisol, an adrenal hormone whose job it is to regulate carbohydrate metabolism and blood pressure. Is it any wonder in this stress-laden world that so many of us are overweight? Overworked adrenal glands are commonplace. This, in turn, has led to a rise in obesity and excessive fatigue.

Fatigue is not an inevitable consequence of aging; neither is memory or hearing loss, slacking of posture, wrinkled skin, or excessive weight gain. If the deficiencies in one’s nutrition can be discovered early and are corrected aggressively, the aging process can be stalled or even reversed. I myself feel really good and look vital, despite the accumulation of passing years.

The strengthening of hormonal control helps the body better regulate nearly all of its processes. I believe we age as our hormones age. The body ages as its reproductive system declines. The reproductive system includes the organs and tissues necessary for reproduction. In the male, it includes the testes, prostate gland, urethra and the penis. In the female, it includes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina and vulva. By strengthening this system we may retard the aging process—as well as improve the heart, kidneys, spleen, stomach, liver, and the thyroid, that “master gland”. Additionally, we may experience other improvements such as the building of muscle instead of muscle loss or muscle weakness, enhanced sexual response, frigidity, PMS, irregular menstruation or menopausal conditions—in both men and women—before and after.

We can strengthen the glands, thus promoting a greater ability to handle stress. Improvement can be seen in the performance of the pancreas, thyroid, and adrenal glands, among others.

Immunity (Lymphatic)

A healthy immune system meets invaders with a sufficient degree of force—otherwise we become ill. Allergies and autoimmune disorders develop from an immune system being overactive. Tumors and infectious diseases arise from too much suppression of the immune system. The Chinese believe that a healthy immune system comes from balancing these two opposing forces or actions. Various diseases develop from either an overactive or underactive immune system, such as the mutation of cells, infectious diseases, and allergies.

Another important component of our immunity is the lymphatic system. This is a system of organs which include the spleen, the thymus, the tonsils and the lymph nodes. Prior to my being diagnosed with cancer, my lymph nodes had swollen to the size of golf balls. I had multiple biopsies done by various hospitals and no one was able to give me an intelligent explanation of what was occurring. I was told that I had contracted an unknown disease during my residency in Florida and he felt it had arrived via Cuban immigrants. I was bedridden at that time and it was then suggested that I get a pap smear; six months later I was diagnosed with cancer.

The benefit of a healthy immune system is possible protection against the development of tumors, acute infections and painful and swollen lymph nodes. One is less likely to develop infection and—if it does occur—likely to achieve more rapid healing. This is even the case with troublesome issues such as sinusitis and throat or ear infections.

Some conditions mix physical and mental properties. The idea that a single condition can be both mental and physical seems most unscientific, yet this is what research seems to reveal. Beginning with symptoms that range from depression to allergies, among others. Additional symptoms include muscle weakness, sore throat, joint pain, tender lymph nodes, feverishness, dizziness, high sensitivity to light and sound, forgetfulness, sleep disturbances, anxiety, chills, night sweats, difficulty breathing, sensitivity to cold, rashes, irritable bowel, and chest pains.

Having personally experienced these symptoms along with many others, I found that one of the most irritating was the ringing in my ears. I can attest that symptoms such as these are thoroughly debilitating, especially when they merge, as a group, upon your body.

Circulatory (Blood – Urinary)

Great benefits can be derived from the strengthening of the circulatory system. Chinese medicine views the circulatory system as the WATER element. It appears to be symbolic of anything fluid which flows within the body, such as blood or urine. This strengthening would include the regulation of blood pressure—not too high or too low. Also included is the regulation of blood sugar, to ward off diabetes. Strengthening the circulatory system strengthens the bowel and enhances the cleansing of the intestinal tract, which may improve one’s vision as well.

A well-strengthened circulatory system reduces levels of fats and cholesterol in the blood and aids proper blood clotting. Cleaner blood and properly-nourished blood cells feeding the nervous system will also give rise to greater mental capability.

Heart tone is improved (the heart is, after all, a muscle!). By nourishing and strengthening the circulatory system we thereby strengthen the pump which is the heart, along with the body’s major pipelines—its veins and arteries.

Today we are seeing an epidemic of kidney issues. Strengthening the kidneys eliminates such issues as urinary incontinence, frequent urination, urinary tract infections, and cysts deposited on the kidneys. Causes of kidney disease include overworked kidneys, the use of medicinal drugs (including street drugs) and an accumulation of toxins .

I have so much more I could share with you about so many of my adventures in sickness, injury, and illness—but I will close for now and suggest…

That you buy my book:  NOT SICK ENOUGH TO DIE..., available at Amazon.com