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LEE ND NATURAL MEDICINE Sherin Lee ND, CNC, CNHP Traditional Naturopath

LEE ND NATURAL MEDICINE Sherin Lee ND, CNC, CNHP Traditional Naturopath

LEE ND NATURAL MEDICINE Sherin Lee ND, CNC, CNHP Traditional Naturopath LEE ND NATURAL MEDICINE Sherin Lee ND, CNC, CNHP Traditional Naturopath

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Fay vavra-cryder


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2019 Testimony Update

JoAnne furbee


Prior to coming to Lee ND in 2002, I had gone to numerous medical specialists and hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, University of Chicago Medical Center among others, only to be told the same, I was overweight.   I am 5' 6" and weighed about 270 pounds at that time.  

This is what brought me to Dr. Lee.  I have found her to be like a road map to my body.  With all the things she had told me to do, I have cleaned up my body to the point that at 66 years old I take NO medication. I had been diagnosed with diabetes and after taking off at least 100 pounds and cleaning up my eating have never taken medication.  I had been told I had HEREDITARY hemochromatosis which is treated by being bled once a month.  I no longer do that, and have been told my levels are within a normal range.

This year 2019 , I had been diagnosed with a cancerous breast lump, treated by Dr. Lee for the better part of the year and  I have been told I am NOW cancer-free.  It just AMAZES me at how well Dr. Lee knows the working of the human body and the things to do NATURALLY that time and again work!  Also, she has products especially specific herbal foods that she recommends to facilitate the healing process. 

I thank God for such a knowledgeable, compassionate woman. 




Fay’s Story:

In 1998 I had sinus surgery because of a constant stuffy and runny nose. It was difficult for me to even smell. I had nasal polyps removed and I could breathe well for about 10 years. Gradually, however, the stuffy nose came back. In the fall I would get asthma which often went into bronchitis.

I also began experiencing breakouts on my face around my nose and mouth. The skin around my mouth and eyes would be extremely dry, red and flakey. I would use various homeopathic medicines and vitamins that were recommended hoping to get relief. My face would clear up temporarily and then the cycle would begin again. At one point a medical doctor prescribed medicine for sores in my nose. It only made me very ill. In addition to all these things, I began to realize that I was unintentionally losing weight.

In November of 2016, I needed breathing treatments and it turned into an overnight stay in the hospital. I knew my health was in a downward spiral. My attempts at eating healthy seemed futile and then I began to think that perhaps I was allergic to certain foods and that was the cause of my problems. I was desperate to be healed. My face was a mess, I was thin, and I had a constant stuffy nose.

I prayed God would give me wisdom and direction. I began to think I should seek the advice of a nutritionist. I was thankful to find Dr. Lee on the internet and the fact that she was also a naturopath was a blessing. During the initial phone call, I felt encouraged. She gave me the hope I needed to proceed.

Dr. Lee told me I was full of toxins. She put me on a treatment plan to detoxify and rebuild my body. She was specific about what foods I was to eat and also the foods I was to avoid.

During my treatment, I found out I had parasites which would explain my weight loss. I was so thankful that Dr. Lee was able to get to the root of my problems. She helped me without the use of any medication. Nutrition was key to my health. I followed her advice and eventually, my body began to heal. Today my face is clear, I am a healthy weight and I can breathe clearly.

God answered my prayer when I prayed for wisdom and direction. I was led to Dr. Lee. I will always be grateful for her help. Dr. Lee’ knowledge of nutrition and overall healthcare is outstanding. I am enjoying better health today because of what she taught me.

Fay  Vavra-Cryder



Vance’s Story:


My name is Vance. My wife had been a patient of Dr. Lee 3 months before I met her. She looked at me and read me like a book. She told me that I was not fat but bloated. She could tell by my eyes that my liver was very toxic and that was the reason I was bloated. She proceeded to tell me that I had pain in my knees and feet. Which she was right.

I’m a cabinet maker and designer for the last 35 some years. I have been involved in a lot of chemicals from spraying cabinets with finish. I have known that I was very toxic but did not really know what to do about it. Few months before I met Dr. Lee I had experienced pain in my feet. If you want to put a name on it, it would be called heal spurs. I was in the process of trying to get relief by wearing insoles in my shoes and massaging my feet with a ball, as I was instructed by a Doctor. He said it would eventually go away if I did that. It never did. My pain level by the time I saw Dr. Lee ranged from a 6 – 9 ½ with no relief in sight. Dr. Lee informed me that the pain was so great because I had inflammation which was caused by the toxins in my body.

Under Dr. Lee guidance we proceeded to get the toxics out of my body. In a few months’ time, I had lost the bloat and some weight that was in my body and the pain in my feet is gone! I would like to add that there was NO medication involved during this procedure. I have been very fortunate not to be on medication before, but I knew I was heading in that direction if something wasn’t done. I am so glad that I still don’t take any medication now. My Wife and I are over 65. We feel Dr. Lee gave us many more years to live.
We are so grateful and blessed to have met Her.


Bonnie Taylor


Bonnie’s Story:

I have had lots of health issues most of my life. In my early twenties, I started my search to help myself and tried many different things. Diet, exercise, chiropractic care, homeopathic medicine, herbs, and vitamins were my way of life but always kept fighting some sort of virus or a hormone imbalance.

Being a Wife Mother Grandmother and Daughter, many people depend on me. This made me determined to keep searching!

So Blessed to found Dr. Lee!! Being very moved by her testimony, I knew I was in the right place for me. Since I have been seeing her, I am able to think much clearer, no longer have the flu, colds or viruses and have the energy to keep up with my 12-year-old daughter and play with my Grandkids. I am working more than 40 hours many weeks and I never have to call off because of being sick.

I own and operate a Hair Salon, where my clients can get services that do not compromise there health by offering organic hair care!

-Bonnie Taylor
Pure & Priti Organic Hair Salon



Chronic Urinary Tract Infections · Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea:

Often we think that we have to live with our chronic illnesses or are told to learn to live with it. I have learned that there is a way to heal from many forms of chronic sickness.

When I began to experience a rapid decline after years of chronic infections (UTI) and subsequent antibiotics, as well as years of chronic constipation and diarrhea, I decided to open my mind to another way of treatment. This led me to Dr. Sherin Lee, ND. I noticed her sign on Larkin Ave. in Joliet, IL so many times.

Finally I decided to take action. First I found her website, liked what I saw there and decided to accept her invitation for a complimentary initial phone conversation, to see if this would be the right approach for me. After this initial conversation I felt assured that there was help for me from Dr. Lee. Thus began a new chapter in my life. I embarked on a journey that led me back to very good health.

During my first visit with Dr. Lee, I remember her saying, “When we give our bodies what they need, our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves.” The plan was to nourish, cleanse and create balance in body, mind and spirit, i.e. the whole person.

I learned that real and natural healing takes time and that it is a process and not an event. With loving care, wisdom, faith, knowledge and skill, Dr. Lee led me through the process of natural healing. With the support of understanding friends and family, I stayed on the path to healing through all the ups and downs along the way.

The UTI’s disappeared very quickly. After years of several infections every year, I was assured that I wouldn’t have another one. It has been 15 months since I began my healing journey with Dr. Lee, ND and am pleased to say that during all that time, I have never had another Urinary Tract Infection!
Healing the chronic constipation and diarrhea, which I had had for so many years, was a longer process for reasons Dr. Lee explained to me time and again with amazing patience. Thankfully I can now say that I am now healed of that affliction as well.

Now I look and feel alive again! I am very happy and grateful to God for leading me to Dr. Sherin Lee, ND. I am grateful to Dr. Lee for using her knowledge and skill in guiding me back to health and a life of vitality in my senior years.


Good Sunday Morning, Dr. Lee,

After several years of chronic UTI’s and a prescription of antibiotics each time, it became clear to me that I had to find help another way, as my immune system was in deep trouble. I began my search and was lead to Dr. Sherin Lee, ND. Soon after I began with her, I noticed that I wasn’t getting UTI’s anymore. I have been under Dr. Lee’s care for a year now and have never had another UTI!! Before I met Dr. Lee, I was given a prescription of antibiotics to take for one whole year, in the desperate attempt to get the infection out of my system completely.

I am pleased to say that I have never had the recurrence of another UTI!!!


david knezetich


High Blood Pressure · Allergies · Thyroid · Shingles · Etc.

Suffered from high blood pressure.  Was overweight with a “spare tire” (37 -38-inch waist), AND a high body-fat percentage .  Had severe allergies; receiving allergy shots since the age of 5.  Underactive thyroid gland; adrenaline released when startled or surprised.  Had “fuzzy” concentration and mental processes.  Had a passive & fearful personality.  Later on, developed shingles at 57 years of age.

AFTER WORKING WITH DR. LEE:Blood pressure in normal range.  Lost 20 pounds; (34-inch waist); body-fat percentage in normal range.  No longer needed allergy shots (after 45 years!)  Shingles healed in 2 1/2 weeks –to date, no relapse.  Balanced under-active thyroid.  Much clearer concentration and mental processes.  More confident & assertive.Dr. Lee has a wonderful, extensive, and innate understanding of the body and how to allow it to regenerate and heal itself. Now that I am in control of my health, my body is regenerating–not degenerating!

David Knezetich, Glen Ellyn, Illinois Editor 



Acute Bronchitis · Asthma · Breathing/Sinus Problems · Allergies · Tiredness  

Dr. Lee, I will never forget that first visit to your office.  You were the answer to my prayers after almost four years of struggling with respiratory, chronic inflammation, sinus problems, allergies, and numerous visits to the E.R.,  and being hospitalized several times due to these problems. I was living off steroids and feeling weaker than ever. It was so debilitating.  So I decided to look into alternative medicine and tried acupuncture for one year, which helped some but I was still having problems.  I decided it was time to look elsewhere and I’m so glad I did. You are amazing at what you do. You gave me my life back.  I’m no longer on any medications.

David R.

Multiple Bloody Noses Daily · Allergies · Moodiness · Lack of Energy · Constipation · Constant Hunger 

And not only did she help me but my son as well. He had multiple bloody noses daily, allergies, moodiness, lack of energy, constipation, and constant hunger. Our overall our health is improving everyday with the use of the wonderful food herbs and supplements and some changed eating habits. I’m so grateful for everything you have done. I can’t thank you enough!

Veronica and David Rodriguez 



Judith Shaw's Story:

Digestive of Food · Constipation

I thank God and commend Dr. Lee for the knowledge and help she provided in the restoration of my health, restored to a level that was actually an answer to my prayers. Dr. Lee studied my case, worked extensively, and found a solution to my problem.  I thank God for giving Dr. Lee the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to formulate a treatment plan that let me regain a simple pleasure of life that I had long waited to again enjoy.  This was something that most people take for granted—the ability to eat

I suffered through years of intense constipation, the inablity to digest food properly, and slow physical deterioration.  As my health slowly waned, other doctors in the medical profession and otherwise were unable to supply an answer to my problem. After going through the prescribed treatment plan and specific dietary intake suggested by Dr. Lee, I am on the road to recovery.  

I am no longer constipated–THANK YOU JESUS–I am properly eliminating on a daily basis, and once again I am eating and digesting more food groups.  My health is presently being restored. Finally, I am still a work in progress, but I am anticipating total recovery and I believe that Dr. Lee has been used by God to restore me to optimal health and to maintain a better quality of life.

Judith Shaw




Lisa Boulanger's Story:

Menopause-another word for it is suffering. I started having what felt like a hormone imbalance, brain fog, body & mental fatigue, hard to process things that should come natural for me and possible depression. I knew I couldn’t live that way for ten plus years, so I called Dr Sherin Lee, again. I had been under her treatment ten years ago for a sickness no one could put a name to. I hadn’t drove or worked in months. I had been a patient at UofC and left crying because I was not any nearer to finding out what was happening to me. I decided to see Dr Lee. She had me driving again in 3 weeks and working again at 4 weeks. I knew if she could help me accomplish that and not know what was happening she could help with a named issue, menopause. It has been 2 months since my initial visit. I am doing the things I use to do and 6 weeks ago wanted to do but couldn’t. I have started back doing and enjoying my once “normal activities” and enjoying others company again. Sherin Lee is smart, knowledgably and she is brilliant when it comes to knowing how to get the “you” that you want.

Lisa Boulanger



Patrick Boulanger's Story:

Dr. Lee has helped my Bride with not only the physical aspects of wellness but also her mental wellness. She is an unusually spirited professional with an intuitive sense toward her healing instructions.
The main point of it all is; My Bride has gone to some of the best traditional medical professionals with some success. Dr Lee’s complementary medicine is what pushed her over the edge to feel a lot better. She is moving forward and getting better continually with Dr. Lee’s help.
I’m a grateful husband and fan of Dr. Lee. She is a very nice lady, smart woman and very knowledgeable in her field. I recommend her with 5 stars for a reason.

barb burk


High Blood Pressure · Weight · Edema · Acid Reflux

Barb was treating high blood pressure for 12 years, taking blood pressure and diuretic medications. Several emergency room visits, with blood pressure peaking at 200 over 90+. Edema in legs in the winter.  Weighed 198 Ibs., gaining 50 Ibs. after hysterectomy. Could not lose excess weight, Dress size: 20-22.  Body fat percentage of 44% (84 Ibs. of fat).  Was taking medication for acid reflux disease.  Was concerned because of cancer and heart disease in immediate family

AFTER SEEING DR. LEE:Praise the Lord! The nutrition provided by the whole food products and the changes in my eating habits under the continued guidance of Dr. Lee have made this all possible. I could not, and would not have been able to accomplish this any other way.

Barb Burk Ward, Arkansas and Joliet, Illinois Retired Teacher

AMY Sheehan


Acne ·  Indigestion · Irregular Bowel Movements · Candidiasis · Anxiety · Night Sweats 

My internet search for a Naturopath led me to Dr. Lee. In my mind, she was my last-ditch effort to try and find a non-medicinal approach to healing my body.  My symptoms were getting worse and all of my personal research and attempts to heal myself naturally were not effective.  Unlike traditional medical doctors, Dr. Lee took the time to truly listen to my symptoms in order to make the most precise treatment plan for me.  Since starting treatment with her only six months ago, I can wash my face without feeling the pain from the cystic acne, my gastrointestinal problems are gone, the night sweats are less severe and the level of my anxiety has decreased.  I am still a work in progress, but with Dr. Lee’s expertise and God’s grace, I am on the path to whole health.

Amy Sheehan Plainfield, IL Daycare Owner/Provider Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.


pauline ames


Overweight · Hair Loss · Parasites · Candidiasis 

 I decided to lose weight. This was new to me because I had NEVER been overweight. I consulted friends and someone in the medical field for suggestions. I began exercising and what I thought was eating better. Yes, I did lose some weight, but my hair began falling out.

Now, thanks to Dr. Lee, I am learning what it is to truly eat healthy and how important it is to cleanse my system of the toxins in my body from the food I eat and the toxins from our environment.

Call and make an appointment with Dr. Lee TODAY..you’ll be glad you did!

Pauline Ames Joliet, Illinois

Jacqulyn Hertzberg


Colon Cancer

Dearest Sherin Lee, If it was not for the fact that you are so good at your work as a healer, I would not be writing this letter and starting it out with an apology for being so late.You might recall a year ago when I contacted you after exhausting all of the many healthcare experts here in Sweden. The doctors here said that I had an evil kind of cancer and it was treated with cell-poison and radio-therapy, which did kill the COLON CANCER but left me with a body which was only an empty vessel. The side effects from so much care left me a prisoner of my home, unable to leave the area of the bathroom. My stomach and digestion system was totally out of balance and doctors, medicines, and nutritionists could not help in the least. Then along you came and here I am working full-time again, out skiing on the weekends, training during the week and thanks to all your wise council and hard care, here I am feeling like a human being again and enjoying myself.Sherin, how can I ever repay you? It must be very rewarding to be able to help people through your work.You are always in my thoughts and prayers.  


Jacqulyn Hertzberg Ludvika, Sweden



Asthma · Arthritis · Diabetes · Overweight · Hemachromatosis · Thyroid & Parathyroid disease


I had been in pain every day of my life for over 40 years – when I was 14 I went to the Mayo Clinic.  They were unable to tell me the cause of the pain.

I had been told that I had arthritis and needed medication.  I tried it but found it to be of little help and disliked the idea of a dependency.  I had been on thyroid medication and asthma medication.  I had been given a prescription for diabetes medication.  My husband who is diabetic and I had gone to some classes, but never gotten a good understanding of proper eating and necessary supplements.  I weighed 265 pounds.  I had gone to a pulmonary specialist, a cardiologist, a sleep specialist, and a endocrinologist.  My endocrinologist had sent me for a gastro-bypass surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center because I was only in my early 50’s and had 2 surgeries for thyroid and parathyroid disease, was at least 100 lbs. overweight, and had been diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. She thought all these things made me a good medical candidate for the bypass. But to her surprise I was turned away because I had not considered myself a repeat dieter.


I thank God for Dr. Lee and her knowledge and understanding of diet and the body. She has taught me so much about the body I was born with- she is like having an owner’s manual. I am still amazed at all that has come from this relationship- unlike any other Doctor I had been to. I believe God put me here on this earth for more than just junk food and pain. I still have God (the junk food and the pain are gone). Thank you. I learned to eat right – I was able to take off over 100 lbs.  I no longer take any asthma or thyroid medication.  I never filled the prescription for diabetes medication.  I no longer take ANY medicationsI do not hurt every day, but if I have a day of discomfort I now understand how my diet is involved and how I can control what I eat and don’t eat.

JoAnne Furbee Lockport, Illinois      and West Plains, Missouri 



Personal Testimony by Dr. Tallet Choudry, PhD | Lisle, Illinois

I met Dr. Lee at the American Naturopathic Medical Association convention in Las Vegas 1999 (ANMA). Among other problems I had a severely prolapsed uterus. After seeking treatment with Dr. Lee many conditions were deeply improved and I avoided a hysterectomy. Dr. Lee is sensitive, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable.  You would be introduced to the best healthcare professional consultant and would receive your own in-depth nutritional and herbal guidance after her expert diagnosis. My relatives visiting Chicago have also sought medical advice from Dr. Lee. Her knowledge of the body has been far-reaching and very helpful in my visits to relatives in Pakistan.



Eczema · Candidiasis · Food Addiction

My son was diagnosed with eczema, an incurable skin disease when he was three months old! From the time we began seeing Dr. Lee we started experiencing results immediately. She helped my son clear up his eczema, and balanced my candidiasis. and helped me overcome my many food addictions and codependence which was not an easy task!She would tell me several times that she was praying for me and my family – which we desperately needed. I know that is why we did as well as we did.

Kim Schiffer



Muscular/Skeletal Pain ·  Bloating/Acid Reflux ·  High Blood Pressure · Allergies/Chronic Sinus Infection · Candidiasis · Constipation/Diarrhea · Migraine Headaches · Fatigue · Anxiety · Rapid Heart Rate · Muscle Loss · Hair Loss · Aging · Memory Loss

At 60 years of age, I suffered from these health problems:

  • Muscular – Skeletal Pain,
  • Bloating & Acid Reflux
  • High Blood Pressure, Fast Heart Rate,
  • Allergies & Chronic Sinus Infection
  • Major Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Liver Spots
  • Loss of Muscle, Eye “Floaters”
  • Candidiasis, Hair Loss
  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Anxiety

I thank God for leading me to Dr. Lee.  I have been using her recommended products for about four months and am very pleased with my overall health improvement.  I have experienced these improvements so far:Lower Blood Pressure (128/87 to 108/78) Lower Heart Rate (105 to 85), Increased Energy, Less Body Pain, Better Digestion, Sinus Improvement Increased Confidence, Increased Muscle TissueI plan to continue the nutritional recommendations of Dr. Lee, because she has helped me so much already. Thank you, Dr. Lee for sharing your expertise!

Trent Tevis




When I first went to Dr. Sherin, I was 59 and my face was starting to age quickly with deep lines and wrinkles.  I had been experiencing memory loss for approximately eight years (it was especially hard for me to instantly recall customers’ names at work when they walked through the door).  My husband and I had been “health-conscious” for years–we had taken various minerals, herbs and vitamins to supplement a low-fat, home-grown, semi-organic diet. I had taken gingko for years, and had been using bio-identical hormones for a couple years; but they didn’t seem to be helping much. Some aspects of my job can be stressful. I had been experiencing spikes in my blood pressure (up to 180/105!!!–and was averaging around 134/80 when not stressed).  My G.P. immediately sent me for chest x-rays, an angiogram, and blood work. All he did was prescribe a high-level beta blocker. I did not want to be on a drug for the rest of my life which only controlled the symptoms, but did not address the root of the problem–especially when I read all the side-effects of the drug! My husband described my overall condition as despondent.  I was always tired and had dark circles under my eyes.  I was also experiencing diarrhea most of the time.  I was going down the tubes quickly…. After several months of following Dr. Sherin’s guidelines, I have taken myself totally off the beta blocker and my normal blood pressure is down 20 points!!! I am no longer experiencing any drastic spikes in BP when stressed.  I have also quit taking the expensive bio-identical hormones.  I have noticed a marked improvement in the clarity of my mind; feel well-rested when I get adequate sleep; am able to maintain a higher level of energy throughout the day; and experience less fatigue at night. I am more alert and conversant with my husband when I get home from work.  Now when I look in the mirror, I am beginning to see my former self–not some OLD stranger!!! Thank you, Dr. Sherin, for turning my health around before I regressed any further. Your specific advice, and the nutritional products you recommended have certainly improved my health and my life!

Sue Tevis




        (SEE BELOW)



James Haggard Story:


Fungus · Fatigue · Diabetes · High Blood Pressure · Neuropathy · High Cholesterol · Candidiasis

I was diagnosed with DIABETES 6 years ago. After seeing multiple specialists, I came to see Dr. Sherin Lee. I was suffering with the following conditions:
FUNGUS on 2 of my toes Signs of NEUROPATHY even after surgery in 2001 Dark spots on my skin High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Fatigue Low energy
At present, my DIABETES is under control after making diet adjustments and herbal supplements. I am off all medications. The sore on my scalp and the toe FUNGUS is gone. Even some of my dark spots have fallen off!

I am pleased to say that my BLOOD PRESSURE is down and my CHOLESTEROL is now normal. I have also seen great improvements in my fatigue and low energy. Thanks Dr. Lee what a difference you have made in my health!

James Haggard



Carol Arrington Story:

Menopause · Depression · Memory Loss · Anxiety · Weight Gain

As I entered MENOPAUSE, my body began to exhibit alarming symptoms. Being tired all the time, I looked like a zombie. My mental state of depression, anxiety, and memory lapses were an indication that my body was not functioning correctly. I was bloated and gaining weight.

My medical doctor did blood work and gave a prescription for an antidepressant to help cope with menopause, which helped some, but the symptoms persisted.

I felt directed by the Lord to consult Dr. Sherin Lee. It was necessary to change and supplement my diet with whole food herbs.

It has been less than a year since I began building my bodies defenses up. Many of the symptoms have subsided and I have energy! As a result of changing my diet and using quality natural skincare products, my skin, which has been blemished for years, is looking more alive and I have lost fifteen pounds!

I thank God for the manifested flourishing health that I am experiencing.

Carol Arrington


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