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Sherin Lee ND CNC CNHP  is a Natural Health Practitioner holding Board Certification in Naturopathy – Certified Nutritional Consultant – Certified Natural Health Professional. As an experienced expert in her field she promotes health as well as the belief in the existence of anti-aging, using only safe and proven effective therapies for various conditions.

Much of her knowledge and experience has been derived from the many assaults which have come against her own body and mind by way of sickness, disease and injury. Challenges include a personal battle with Cancer and later Leukemia, both experienced at an early age. Much later in life she lost her successful career as an Insurance Agent by way of a car accident. The last assault left her totally incapacitated. She incurred severe brain damage caused by colliding with a door handle and this resulted in the equivalency of an 8th Grade IQ. At this time she also incurred various broken bones, damage to motor skills, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. After remaining on permanent Government disability for almost 20 years, she fell into even deeper depression and became seriously suicidal. However ironic as this may be, her suicidal state of mind forced her to reject the opinions of the many experts who claimed this damage to be PERMANENT AND IRREVERSIBLE and used this prognosis as motivation to become her own HEALER in order to return to a full functioning life. Proof that many of us must be forced to hit the bottom in order to rise to the top.

She also holds with the belief that “God Wants You Well” and that He has provided your body with the innate ability to create balance which leads to health, when provided with the proper nutrients supplied by nature. Through her own experience she also believes we should not settle simply for the management and acceptance of disease, instead we should expect and embrace God’s promise of having Divine Health.

Sherin Lee ND CNC CNHP is convinced through personal experience, that the body is capable of reversing the most hopeless and helpless of situations, whether they be chronic or acute, if you are willing to take some responsibility for your recovery. Restoration can be achieved through the Chinese Philosophy of cellular regeneration and renewal.


We provide comprehensive general care for your entire family.


What people are saying about us…

Praise the Lord! The nutrition provided by the whole food products and the changes in my eating habits under the continued guidance of Dr. Lee have made this all possible. I could not, and would not have been able to accomplish this any other way.
Barb Burk Ward

Now, thanks to Dr. Lee, I am learning what it is to truly eat healthy and how important it is to cleanse my system of the toxins in my body from the food I eat and the toxins from our environment. Call and make an appointment with Dr. Lee’ll be glad you did!
Pauline Ames Joliet

Before I met Dr. Lee, I was given a prescription of antibiotics to take for one whole year, in the desperate attempt to get the infection out of my system completely. I am pleased to say that I have never had the recurrence of another UTI!!!

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We use nothing medicinal. All herbs used are food grade only. All purchases made for supplementation are made directly with the Company offering the product. Perfectly safe with any other treatment or medicines being used.

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